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About Us

In 2007, we began producing safety razors non-commercially for our family members and friends. Seeing how our product grew in popularity within our community, we decided to turn this into a business. Our research and development activities grew with the introduction of new machinery and--with high performance and superior quality as our focus--we eventually released our product: the ROCNEL SAFETY RAZOR.


What differentiates ours from other safety razors is its mix of superb performance and design, solid production style, quality craftwork embroidery and the use of 316 stainless steel.


It takes approximately one week to complete production of the razor; moving from rough material assembly to packaging


We have a capacity of 3 products to produce in a week. There are no molting, plating, welding or pressing methods applied into our products. In this way, our 100% seamless, high quality product, is guaranteed to demonstrate improved durability. Polished in one of two varieties, mat or satin, special touches are added by professional craftsmen. Our success ratio is 99.99% and the final product is served in a solid walnut wooden box Laser engraving of the serial numbers is performed on all four pieces of the product. With our methodology, the product’s development can be monitored throughout. Each unit passes through a two phase quality control procedure. Both before and after polishing, basic measurement and surface control tests are conducted. After polishing, the product is tested by a razor safety specialist. It also goes through a two-step medical hygienic test before packagingEach phase of the production involves archived photographic monitoring. To prevent any scratching of the pieces during transport and customs control, a protective band is placed on the solid box


A razor’s proportions ought to adapt to each user’s habits and body type. As a result we’ve developed six variants of our device instead of one single model.


Our firm specializes only in the production of the solid stainless steel safety razor. We do not sell or produce any cosmetic products, shaving cream or related intermediate pieces. We believe that it is best if such products are produced by specialists with an interest in the quality of their craft and are reluctant to dabble in areas where we lack the requisite expertise.


Our firm is firmly wedded to a people and customer-oriented approach. You can always share your concerns, questions, ideas and complaints with us via social media or related points of contact.